Monday, July 7, 2014

Baby Boom

This PopPop is in his happy place (Cougar stadium) while all the girls in the family have been very busy working hard at producing his posterity this spring :)

Lacie & Andrew brought us Roman Wade Coffman born in March and blessed in April :)

Next Liz & Dustin delivered little Miss Evelyn in April and blessed in June
And not to be left out Miss Aubree thought she'd have an April birthday too
So John & Amanda have 4 princesses now 

And she was blessed in June too

And not to be left out Miss Kate thought she'd hurry things up and come in June
Dallin & Megan are so happy to have a princess, we can't wait to see her blessing dress & tiara

We are so happy to have 13 healthy, happy, handsome/beautiful them all so much :)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Back to the New World

Being back in the New World has brought us the opportunities to be closer to family & friends for so many important life events.
Cousin MaryDarlene Munro goes thru the Oakland Temple
Jack takes his first helicopter ride :)
Playing tag you're it
Roller skating with the girls

visiting with new family as they arrive.....Roman Wade Coffman 3/4/14

Evelyn Marie Coffman 4/15/14
Easter egg hunts & Easter Sunday with these cute bunnies

Dance recital with these dancing queens

Aubree Jane Adams 4/30/14

and Mother's Day with my mommy
Anne Marie
So good to be back in the 'promised land' near family love & familiar customs :)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Copenhagen A Dream Come True -Thanks Anja

Hans Christian Anderson Blvd.
I've  wanted to visit Denmark since I found out that that is where the Carl Bloch paintings were commissioned and housed in the Friedriksborg 'castle', that the church with the original Christus and the 12 apostle statues stand and that I was going to live as close as I'd ever be so......before I left England I took a trip of a lifetime because .....
Heavenly Father blessed me to meet & work with a sweet lady from Denmark and she made my dreams come true :)  What a chance of a lifetime to have my own personal tour guide & translator!  And icing on the cake was visiting at Christmas time....Denmark is magical.
Tivoli Square

The Church of Our Lady (Danish: Vor Frue Kirke) is the cathedral of .... Christus Copenhagen by Bertel Thorvaldsen 
 Did anybody else know that there was a Temple in Denmark?  I didn't, but now I've been there :)
Anja & Lily 

Does anyone remember the Elaine Dalton conference talk where she referenced this statue? Well I did  and Anja & I were determined to find her......
On a pier in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a bronze statue of a young woman named Kristina. Kristina stands looking out to sea toward her goal to join the Saints in Zion. The wind is blowing against her fiercely, but she does not look back.

Oh the food in Denmark is amazing, new, different and delicious. I tried Aebleskiver, fransk, jorbaer taert romkugler, Kammerjunker, koldskaald and fell in love with the street vendors FRIKADELLER, yum

Carl Bloch originals lined the walls of this room just above a large chapel in the castle
Friedriksborg.....Fredricks castle

the original 'Little Mermaid'

I would go back to Copenhagen, Denmark in a minute. Especially with Anja and at Christmas even with the cold

Sunday, January 5, 2014

So Long, Farewell, Alvederzane Goodbye!

We are missing all the lovely sights & our friends in England......
What a wonderful chance of a lifetime experience we were truly blessed with......
We will never forget all the beauty, fun & adventures we had.........